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Traditional and Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional and Implant-Supported Dentures Dentures in South Bend, IN

Missing teeth can negatively impact a person’s ability to effectively perform everyday tasks such as eating and speaking. At Ireland Park Dentistry, we provide traditional and implant-supported dentures to restore patients’ lost teeth, helping them achieve a beautiful, complete smile. Our South Bend dental practice takes a personal approach to dentistry, making sure we comprise a treatment plan that meets our patients’ needs, goals, and budget.

Dr. Sridhar Meda and his team do everything they can to make sure their patients are happy with the results of their treatment, giving them a reason to smile.

Traditional Dentures

Conventional dentures do well to restore the visual aspects of the smile in those who have full arches of missing teeth. The appliances provided by Dr. Meda are fabricated from a visually pleasing material, ensuring they maintain the sheen of natural teeth. These traditional prosthetics are also budget-friendly and are long-lasting. Patients just need to be sure to visit the dental practice on occasion to receive the proper adjustments to their dentures. This is so the appliance may continue to securely fit, even as the shape of the jaw changes as patients age.

Traditional dentures are held in the smile by natural suction and utilizing dental adhesives. These conventional prosthetics also restore function and bite, allowing patients to enjoy family or social events such as dinners and cookouts. During a patient’s daily dental care routine, they must remember to remove their appliance before brushing or flossing and let it soak in a cleansing solution. Then using a soft bristled brush, patients may gently brush the surface of the denture to remove bacteria and debris.

Implant-supported Dentures

Dental implants are a comprehensive solution to missing teeth as they are able to replace a tooth from root to crown. The implant post is surgically placed into the bone, preserving your jaw’s health and preventing it from atrophying. This keeps patients’ facial aesthetics intact and maintains dental function as well as bite strength. Patients who receive implant-supported dentures, do not have to return to the dental practice for regular adjustments as the restorations act as your natural teeth. Those with the implant retained teeth replacements just need to attend their biannual, routine appointments.

Our patients can opt for one of the two forms of implant-supported prosthetics: hybrid and overdenture. Hybrid dentures are fixed and can only be removed by a dentist, while overdentures can be taken out by patients as well. While Dr. Meda does not provide hybrid dentures directly from his office, he refers patients to a trusted specialist. This is to ensure they receive the dental care they want, need, and deserve.

Patients with implant-supported dentures may go about their daily lives as usual. There are no food restrictions as they do not have to worry about their restorations slipping or dislodging.

Beautiful, Complete Smiles

To find out more about traditional and implant-supported dentures, contact Ireland Park Dentistry today! Dr. Meda and his South Bend dental team will do everything they can to provide you with the restoration that helps you achieve your ideal smile, taking into consideration your needs and budget.

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