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Cleanings & Prevention

Our Office Provides Cleanings and Dental Exams in South Bend 

When it comes to protecting your teeth, reacting to disease and decay rather than staying proactive can put you at risk for serious health complications. An active, preventive approach to dental health keeps your smile beautiful and functional for decades.

Dr. Sridhar Meda of Ireland Park Dentistry uses high-end techniques and dental technology to provide exceptional dental care to South Bend residents. Schedule a comprehensive exam today to ensure your dental health remains well functioning and beautiful for many years to come.

The Value of a High-Tech Dental Exam

Having a dental exam twice a year is vital to keeping your teeth healthy and whole. These exams allow the dentist to spot potential problems before they can jeopardize your oral health, which preserves the tooth and may protect you from expensive and invasive treatments down the road.

Ireland Park Dentistry utilizes the latest in proven dental technology to make our dental exams more thorough, efficient, and accurate. Our practice uses a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner to gauge the wellness of the patient. This scanner creates a 3D digital image of the patient’s teeth, jaw, throat, and sinuses, allowing us to examine the whole structure and better understand how it fits together.

We also use an intra-oral camera, a small pen-sized device that provides clear, well-defined images of places in the mouth that are often difficult to spot otherwise. The images are projected onto a monitor that allow us to walk patients through what we see and show them where and why they might need treatment.

Benefits of a Professional Cleaning

Brushing and flossing at home goes a long way toward keeping your teeth healthy, but even the best brush won’t catch everything. A professional dental cleaning goes where your toothbrush can’t, keeping your teeth vibrant and strong.

A professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar from all enamel surfaces, including below the gum line. This minimizes the risk of tooth decay and removes irritants that can lead to gum disease. We also clean and polish the tooth enamel, removing surface stains and giving your teeth a fresh, healthy luster.

Patient Education: Why It Matters

At Ireland Park Dental, we take the time to make sure patients have a full understanding of their dental health and treatment options. Our goal is not to push treatments on uncertain patients, but to educate and enable them to make informed choices about their dental health.

We want patients to succeed in preserving optimal dentition. We know the best approach is to equip the patient with good knowledge and hygiene habits. Our team provides clear and thorough education from the first visit, so our patients leave wiser and better prepared for their future.

South Bend Dental Services Centered on You

Ireland Park Dentistry is proud to offer exceptional dental care to all residents of South Bend and surrounding communities. Dr. Meda and his skilled staff work to make every visit a welcoming and rewarding experience for each patient.

For a full comprehensive dental experience, contact our office today!

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